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Symphonic Tots & Kids Musical Journey Projects

What We Do
Fun & Informative Workshops with Live Music: Delivered by Highly Skilled Professional Musicians & Educators.

Live performances ,Interactive workshops ,Teaching of Kodaly method and notation 
Story time with fun visual aids ,Instrument demonstration, Creative Workshops

We are always happy to discuss other projects you feel would benefit your service users group 

Our Charity Objects
To advance the education of the public in the arts in particular but not exclusively families and children who are disadvantaged and potentially vulnerable; organisations and groups supporting them and members of the wider community (where there is availability) through the provision of tailored music workshops; arts education and training; and through performances and associated artistic and educational events for the public benefit.

Symphonic Tots and Kids Courses and Classes

Kodaly method, live musical performances and Creative Workshops including cello with Marianne and a variety of instruments with other visiting professional musicians as well as movement and story time sessions. A wide variety of quality age specific percussion and small sized musical instruments are central to the classes which help towards the children’s brain development, coordination and communication skills, but above all are great fun for all! Marianne and  her team are all professional musicians and experts in the field of music education following Zoltan Kodaly’s philosophy that every child deserves the best quality of music education at whatever stage.

How Our Classes Can Help Children & Family

Communication and Language Development: Singing, improvisation, musical vocabulary, Solfege system/Do Re Mi,  musical alphabet, learning to listen to music/be an audience, use of musical instruments/puppets and props, new sounds, counting.

Physical Development: Movement and games to music, dancing, playing instruments/percussion and others, coordination skills, choice of instruments to play.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development: Sharing circle, sitting with new friends, working in a group, good social outlet for children and parents/carers, different styles of music.

Our Key Aims
To enable vulnerable disadvantaged families and children; and the  organisations and groups supporting them ,as well as the wider community where appropriate ; to access music workshops, performances and events facilitated by Symphonic Kids Musical Journey Projects.

Kodaly Method and Mozart Effect
Mozart has been studied at length and due to the patterns and structures used by the composer is ideal for playing to preschool children for a number of reasons. This highly complex yet blissfully simple and beautiful music has been proven to help brain development especially in young children and is a great way to centre your child after a difficult episode and to encourage calmness.The term Mozart Effect is widely used when discussing music and preschool education .The composer Zoltan Kodaly developed his music teaching system through the 19th century and the music of Mozart is frequently used alongside Kodaly’s own play songs as we also do in the Symphonic Tots classes; where we use established tried and tested internationally recognised methods of preschool music teaching such as the Kodaly Method.

‘In an instant, music can uplift our soul. It awakens within us the spirit of prayer, compassion, and love. It clears our minds and has been known to make us smarter.’

The Mozart Effect: Tapping the Power of Music to Heal the Body, Strengthen the Mind, and Unlock the Creative Spirit by Don Campbell

Kodály Method
Zoltán Kodály (1882 – 1967)

“Let Us Take Our Children Seriously! Everything Else Follows From This…”

The composer, educator and philosopher Zoltán Kodály was born in Hungary at a time dominated by German and Austrian culture. He was passionate about the music education of the people of Hungary whilst embracing Hungarian culture and believed that every child had a right to a good quality of music education. Through developing his teaching methods he revolutionised music education in his own country and continues to be an inspiration world wide.Symphonic Tots is proud to embrace The Kodaly Method which is central to each class.




Rhythmic games with participation/percussion
Singing games with participation percussion and pitched percussion
Story time with fun visual aids
Music and movement
Music listening
Live performance
Instrument demonstration
Opportunity to experience a musical instrument either playing or touching/strumming
Teaching of the Kodaly method and notation
Information for parents/carers
Weekly live cello performances


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